First hitting the newsstands in 1995, print magazine Computer Arts quickly became the ‘Bible’ of the design and illustration industries, a role that it’s retained ever since. Now this week, it’s celebrating its 300th issue and a quarter of century of publication. And some of the leading lights in the profession are coming together to help mark this landmark occasion.

In the issue, which is available to buy on Friday 6 December, famed designers such as Milton Glaser, Paula Scher, Noma Bar and more share their recollections of the last 25 years in design and the biggest creative milestones that have shaped the industry along the way.

To mark the occasion, Greg Quinton, chief creative officer at Superunion, has written a special poem for readers. In it, he looks back on his design highlights from the last 25 years, with help from some magic wordsmithing by John Shaw. How many do you remember?

A letter sized Apple Mac, tiny byte, 

So rare that we share it. Worth the fight. 

Kalman’s Colours mag, watches and data, 

Charts of weird flotsam. Wonderfully beta. 

Jony’s pink iMac’s freeze parallel motion. 

A shocking new order: the RA’s Sensation

Saatchi, Hirst, Hume and Emin’s dirty bed,

All the YBA’s. Frieze. Quinn’s bloody head. 

The titles of Se7en, all scalpels and tension,

Sin-crafted frames. Skin-cracked emulsion.

Sagmeister’s cronies, helmets shot bare.

No idea why. Just giggle and stare.

Why not? cut acres of pure granite letters,

MySpace & VineInsta & Pinterest,

The doodles of Google. Infinite interest.

The greatness that stands out from visual diarrhoea

With one true essential. A big fat idea.