10 of Our Favourite Kiwi Music Videos to Enjoy this New Zealand Music Month

New Zealand Music Month is a great time to celebrate the immense musical talent that comes out of our country. We asked our residents about their favourite kiwi music videos of the last few years, and selected a few for you to enjoy:

10. The Beths – ‘Jump Rope Gazers’

9. Departure Party – ‘Doing Better’

8. Balu Brigada – ‘Nightshift’

7. Villainy – ‘Beggar’

6. Eliezer – ‘Down’

5. Chelsea Jade – ‘Laugh it Off’

4. beachware – ‘the Arcade’

3. Reb Fountain – ‘Don’t You Know Who I Am’

2. Unknown Mortal Orchestra – ‘Hunnybee’

1. ilena – ‘Silver Tongue’

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