Amber Leigh “Stevie” Stevens

Amber Leigh “Stevie” Stevens is a Film Producer and First Assistant Director.

Working both freelance and within agencies, Stevie has spent the past five years building her skillset as an effective project manager on a diverse range of films.

Work experience
Dir. bala Murali Shingade, 2021

Fresh Shorts
Finalist: New Zealand’s Best, New Zealand International Film Festival 2022
Sri Lankan refugee Perianayaki struggles to fit in as she goes about her day attempting to forge meaningful relationships with her peers. Today, on her wedding anniversary, she is forced to reconcile with the difficult reality of her life.

Dir. Stephen Chow, 2020

Official Selection: Fantasia Festival 2021, BeyondFest 2021, Montclair Film Festival 2021, Nightstream 2021, New Zealand International Film Festival (Whānau Mārama) 2021, Short of the Week March 2022
Winner: Audience Choice Short Award, San Diego International Film Festival 2021
When a child’s core human needs are suffocated by the weight of parental expectation, tough love, and manipulation, what are the consequences?

Small Ponds
Dir. Duncan Sarkies, 2020

A local Wellington choir has to fight for their right to sing.

Scrubbing Day
Dir. Pachali brewster, 2019

It’s Scrubbing Day, and innocent siblings Fanny and Brian dawdle during their weekly bath together as they await their unholiest of chores: sponge-bathing the festering monster who lives up the stairs.

These Two
DIR. Greg Smith, Liam Coleman, 2019

Official Selection: Miami Web Fest 2020, AltFest New York 2020, Los Angeles International Film Festival Indie Short Fest 2020
Loveable flatmates and struggling actors Liam and Kev grapple with their friendship through the trials and tribulations that life throws their way.

KURA (Pilot)
Dir. Vince McMillan, 2018

Winner, TVNZ New Blood Competition 2018
Billy-John is sick of doing nothing and going nowhere so he decides to leave Papakura and head for the bright lights of the Gold Coast. He just needs to break the news to his best mate, his girlfriend, and his ragtag but close-knit family. 

Shut Eye
Dir. Tom Levesque, 2021

Official Selection: New Zealand International Film Festival 2022
To cure their insomnia, a social outcast forges an online friendship with an ASMR streamer that quickly turns into an obsession, where the lines of friendship and addiction become blurred.

Dir. Caleb Wells, 2021

After one of them falls mysteriously ill, a group of friends come together to investigate the cause and find themselves engaged in a cat-and-mouse game with a supernatural predator.  Sunlight is a re-imagining of the classic tale of Dracula for the digital generation.

Heart to Heart
Dir. Lauren Porteous, 2021

Official Selection: Show Me Shorts (Love and Chaos) 2021
A prisoner’s only chance of escape is to BFF the psychotic woman holding her hostage.

Dir. Stuart Drake, 2020

A young couple struggles through day-to-day living in the current rental market.

The Girls
Dir. Tabitha Arthur, 2019

Official Selection: New Zealand International Film Festival 2021
A young girl grapples with the nerves of coming out to her religious mother.

Inside the Cloud
Dir. Ashley Williams, 2018

Three young adults on a tramp discover that they have different truths about the creatures of the forest. The film explores different world-views that co-exist today, and how they collide, starting a conversation about how sometimes a western world view can erode traditional belief systems, social ecologies and the natural environment. 

Under the Bridge
Dir. Lauren Porteous, 2017

Winner, HP 48 Hours 2017
Official Selection: New Zealand International Film Festival (Eight Uneasy Pieces) 2018
A young boy befriends a homeless man in an unlikely friendship. They spend the day together before the boy must return home.